Dramatis Personae

For purposes of remembering who played who and at what game, this is a list of every character in the JumpTech universe, and who they were played by at what games. 


* Ander Nakk "Newcomers"

* Cass Tag (Alex Storey) "Newcomers"

* Ella Raas (Cat O'Sullivan) "Newcomers", "Cancer", "War", "Discovery"

* Foss Grav (Patrick Maher) "Newcomers", "Cancer"

* Joelle Sawer (Aoife Brown) "Newcomers", "Cancer"

* Jann Dall (Evan Healy) "Newcomers" (Deceased)

* Lync Hosh (Donnacha Brophy) "Newcomers", "Discovery"

* Starc Adnam (Oli Reilly) "Newcomers"

* Amy Pyper (Hilary Sklar) "Newcomers"

* Ama Somer (Alex Tang) "Cancer"

* Kees Plaas (Shane O'hUid) "Cancer", "War", "Discovery"

* Pytr Lomo (Ian Power) "Cancer", "Discovery"

* Stev Arran (Jason Quigley) "Cancer"

* Tel Mirra (Bronwyn Bolton-Warberg) "Cancer"

* Ton Valla (Liam O'Tailluir) "Cancer", "War", "Discovery"

* Dex Payner (James Cronin) "War"

* Amla Mir (Jude Mapp) "War"

* Tzo Kath (Gar Hanrahan) "War", "Discovery"

* Pasha Denaar (Hugh Lardner) "War", "Discovery"

* Derra Gran (David Wilson) "War"

* Per Erra (Peter Maher) "War" 



* Meeray Forr (Janet O'Sullivan) "Newcomers", "Cancer", "War, "Discovery"

* Tayreep Keff (Emmet Boylan) "Newcomers"

* Leedoc Seff (Niamh Carey) "War", "Discovery"



* Kreth of Veris (Dave Madden) "Newcomers", "Cancer", "Discovery"

* Thelles of Vikkil (Fergal O'Brien) "Newcomers" 

* Rekk of Vallas (Gerard "Panda" Terry) "War", "Discovery" 

Dramatis Personae

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