Spaceship Combat

Combat between jumpships, spaceships and space stations in JumpTech happens much in the same way that combat in a tabletop role-playing game works. There are rounds, and six-sided dice (D6s) are used to generate random numbers. Combat works as follows.

During combat, the positions of vessels are indicated using cards on a flat surface so that all players have a chance to see what is going on.

For each vessel involved in combat, the vessel with the highest piloting skill in the pilot station goes first, and all vessels in descending order of piloting skill thereafter. If two vessels have the same piloting skill, their precedence is determined using the roll of a D6. Space stations cannot have a pilot station, and thus they always act last.

For each vessel in turn, the captain of the vessel makes a call to move, fight or jump, and the action is made immediately.

Spaceship Combat

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