Spaceship Operations


In game terms, spaceships and jumpships both operate using the same rules. Both have a number of "stations" which need to have characters in them. Stations may be manned by player characters or non-player characters. Each station controls a separate function of the vessel, and if the relevant station is not filled, the vessel may not be able to perform a function.

To maneuver or move a vessel must have its pilot station filled. Ships without a pilot are stationary and may not change heading. Note that this does not affect the ability of a ship to fight. To man a pilot station correctly a character must possess the "pilot spaceship" skill.

To fight a vessel must have one or more weapons stations filled. Some ships are fitted with multiple weapons stations and may attack more than once in a given ship combat round. See "Combat (between spaceships.)" A vessel that does not have a weapons station manned may not return fire in a battle. To man a weapons station correctly, a character must possess the "weapons: spaceship" skill.

To jump a jumpship must have both its pilot and astrogator stations filled – Jumping is as much a function of astrogation as it is piloting. An astrogator must possess the "astrogator" skill to use the station, and the pilot must possess the "pilot spaceship" skill. Jumping expends 3 tons of fuel, and after a jump the Jump Drive takes a minute to recharge.

Spaceship Operations

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