(played at Itzacon with a full complement of twelve.)

The meeting took place in the Hamak system on Serenity - a space station belonging to the Human government, one month after the Teth declaration of war.

Attending were The Furies, The Scimitars, representatives from the Teth government, a representative from the Human government, a representative from the Krayce government, corporate representatives from the Four Systems Bank and the Steam Corporation as well as an independant trader and a representative from the Trade Commission.

Mostly led by the Human diplomat, a strong effort was made at a peaceful resolution between the parties present. This was interrupted when the Sting (a JumpShip bought by the Teth some month before) jumped into Hamak space in between Serenity and Hoboville – the shantytown built around the hull of the Human colony ship in the asteroid cloud on the outskirts of Hamak. Hoboville spaceships were launched and attacked the Sting, which responded. The Valkyrie(under the command of the Furies) and the Salamanca (under the command of the Scimitars) departed Serenity to lend support to the Hoboville forces.

Although Human diplomats attempted to stop the conflict, Hoboville claimed that the space surrounding it was sovereign territory and not under the jurisdiction of the Hamak system government. Under heavy fire, the Sting jumped behind the Hoboville forces and launched a bomb at Hoboville itself, causing severe damage (and significant loss of life) to the shantytown, before jumping away.

The Furies and Scimitars followed the Sting to Teth space, where it was disabled, and then destroyed (along with its Jump Engine) to prevent it from falling back into Teth hands. However – this wasn't the only loss of Teth life. One of the Teth diplomatic part aboard Serenity was shot dead by the other. 

At the end of the game, The Furies and Scimitars had left for Krayce space, leaving the Human and Teth diplomats in Teth space to broker peace on Tethis – the Teth homeworld. The corporate and Trade Commission representatives were still aboard Serenity while the independent trader had returned to Hoboville.


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